Insurance Basics: Everything You Need to Know

How Can First Time Drivers Get Good Insurance Rates?

Auto insurance for first-time drivers is tricky. First-drive drivers, especially the younger ones, are generally considered to have higher possibility to have an accident compared to an older and more experienced driver. Young first time-drivers are also considered as high-risk insurance holder because you don't have a credit history yet. Thus, you should take extra steps in order to get good insurance rates.

Here is the rundown of the steps as to how first-time drivers get good insurance rates:

Added to an Existing Policy

Still, the best way to get good insurance rates for first-time drivers is to be added to an existing policy. This means that you should be added to an existing car insurance policy in your household: your parents, guardian, or grandparents. In this way, you skip the need for proof of prior through which you will be considered as a high-risk driver. Moreover, you can enjoy more perks such as discounted insurance premiums and very low to no down payment. Being added to an existing policy is a shortcut towards getting car insurance.

Pay in Full

However, if you prefer to get car insurance on your own, outside the existing insurance in your household, you need to take a harder route. This involves paying in full of the six-month trial that many insurance companies require. Paying in full could be a large out-of-pocket amount but this will prove your commitment to continue paying for your car insurance.  Not only does paying in full do good for your record as an insurance holder as it will also increase your chances of having discounted rates.

Shop after the Six-Month Trial

Immediately after the six-month trial, don't waste time and shop for an automobile insurance company with cheaper rates. After this trial, you're facing the optimal time to transition from being high-risk to a preferred auto insurance holder. Not only have you proven your capability to pay but you have also proven your track record as a responsible vehicle owner because you prioritized auto insurance.

First-time drivers should not lose hope in finding auto insurance deals that will give them good rates. You can ask assistance to your parents or guardians to have you included in an existing policy. Otherwise, if you want to instill to yourself the importance of being a responsible driver, you can put matters into your hands and apply for auto insurance as a separate policyholder. Pay in full and apply for cheaper insurance rates after the six-month trial. Follow this trail and you'll surely get auto insurance with good rates.

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