Insurance Basics: Everything You Need to Know

Moving Into a New Home? Know These Things About Homeowners Insurance

If you are purchasing a home that was just built, and you think that any basic homeowner's insurance plan should be good, there are items you don't want to leave off the coverage plan. Even if it means that you will have to pay more money, you want to be sure that everything that is living in the house, working in the house, and that is valuable in the house, is covered. Inquire about these things with the insurance agent if it will pertain to you and your family.

Insure Liability for Your Pet

Dog bites account for over one third of liability claims for homeowners, and cost insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars every year. If you are moving into a new home in a neighborhood, with lots of people around, you want to make sure that you have your dog covered.

If you have a cat or another animal, there are other liabilities issues to worry about so get the animal covered in case something happens. Even if you know your pet, an incident if they get lose and cause problems with another pet, a person or someone's property, you'll want to coverage.

Cover Expensive Instruments, Machines, and More

If your child plays an expensive musical instrument for school, you have a top of the line computer for work or a 3D printer, or you have other oddly expensive items that may not have the total value replaced if they were stolen, you need coverage. You want to go over anything that you have that wouldn't be standard in every home, and that it would set you back to replace if it got damaged, ruined or was missing.

Consider At-Home Business

If you run a business out of your home, or if you have a spouse that works from home, this requires some extra coverage. It doesn't matter if it's a small online typing job, or if they are an independent contractor selling items to buyers, you want to be covered if you are sued.

If you have family heirlooms that you want to keep at the house, large amount of cash, or anything else that you can't bear to lose, talk with a homeowners insurance company about getting a safe and more. You want everything to be covered if there is a natural disaster, fire, or robbery. A little bit more money a month is worth your peace of mind.