Insurance Basics: Everything You Need to Know

Insurance Tips For New Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers will have a tremendous amount of responsibility due to the large size of their vehicles and the high value of their cargo. However, new commercial drivers will lack the experience that is needed for individuals to make informed choices regarding insuring their commercial truck. The following tips can help you with your commercial truck insurance decisions.

Insure Your Cargo

It can be common for commercial truck drivers to be tasked with transporting extremely expensive amounts of cargo. Unfortunately, accidents and other sources of damage could ruin this cargo, which may leave the truck driver liable for the losses that their client suffered. As a result, this creates a strong need to make sure that the commercial trucking insurance policy you choose has adequate amounts of cargo protection. This can greatly reduce the losses that result from accidents and other causes of cargo loss.

Carry Higher Medical Coverage

The large size of commercial trucks can make accidents with other vehicles especially dangerous. To account for the higher risk of causing serious injuries to other drivers or passengers during an accident, carrying ample medical coverage is a necessity. In fact, some drivers may choose to carry an addendum for their policy that will increase the amount of medical coverage that they enjoy, which can be useful when they are involved in an accident that results in especially serious injuries or involves multiple parties. An insurance agent will be able to help you assess a proper amount of medical coverage to carry based on the size of the vehicle and the type of cargo that you typically carry.

Understand The Need For Safe Driving Practices

Being a safe driver is important for everyone that operates a vehicle on public roads. However, it is often of special importance to commercial drivers. Moving violations can lead to dramatic increases in insurance premiums for commercial drivers. It can also make it more difficult for them to find work and even retain their license. Attending safe driving classes can be one way of helping to reinforce safe driving practices. Furthermore, this can lower the costs of a commercial truck insurance policy, as the insurance company may provide discounts to commercial drivers that attend safety training.

A commercial truck driver will need to be fully insured if they are to be safe against the more common liabilities that accompany operating a commercial truck. By becoming more aware of the types of insurance needs that commercial truck drivers will have, protecting yourself against the more common liabilities that professional drivers face will be easier.