The Holidays Are Coming: How To Protect Your Home From Accidents And Theft

The holidays will be here in just a few weeks. It's time to start thinking about holiday safety. You might not realize this, but your home might be more susceptible at this time of year to accidents and crime. Unfortunately, those incidences can ruin your holidays and increase your insurance premiums. To keep your home safe, and your insurance premiums low, here are four steps you should take this holiday season. [Read More]

4 Things To Understand About Medicare Supplements

If you are getting close to the age when you become eligible for Medicare, you need to understand how Medicare Supplement insurance works. Medicare Supplement insurance is often referred to as Medigap insurance. It is designed to fill in where Medicare Part A and B leave off and fill in the 'gaps' in your coverage. #1 Have To Pay A Premium If you enroll in a Medigap insurance plan, you are going to have to pay a premium for that coverage. [Read More]

How Can First Time Drivers Get Good Insurance Rates?

Auto insurance for first-time drivers is tricky. First-drive drivers, especially the younger ones, are generally considered to have higher possibility to have an accident compared to an older and more experienced driver. Young first time-drivers are also considered as high-risk insurance holder because you don't have a credit history yet. Thus, you should take extra steps in order to get good insurance rates. Here is the rundown of the steps as to how first-time drivers get good insurance rates: [Read More]